The embroidery process

From receiving your artwork, which may be in any format from a jpeg to a vector outline, we can digitise this into an embroidery file format. Artwork can be sent to us in any standard file format on an email, memory stick or on paper through the post and with the speed and convenience of e-mail we can produce a sample within 3 or 4 hours depending on complexity.

We use the latest Wilcom embroidery software for digitising designs from simple lettering to complex artwork. For information on Wilcom embroidery digitisation software you can visit the Wilcom web site.

Once the design has been digitised it can be embroidered by our modern multi-head Tajima embroidery machines. Before we proceed with any job a sample is embroidered, scanned and emailed for customers aproval, the sample can also be sent in the post if necessary.

The garment or fabric panel is framed using a laser guided framing machine, this ensures the accuracy and constancy of embroidery positioning for all of the garments. No framing is done freehand, using a machine also means that the garments fabric is pulled from all directions when being framed.

We allways use the best quality embroidery consumables available such as threads from Madeira and every aspect of our service conforms to our rigorous quality control system, upon which K&K Embroidery has built its reputation.

With 27 years experience we have kept our reputation to the highest standard, ensuring embroidered garments are kept free from damages.