Embroidery wash care instructions

We use Madeira embroidery threads and give the following care instructions as set out by Madeira.

Embroidered articles are best washed with mild detergent (no chemical admixtures) at 600C/140F. Never leave damp embroidered itmes folded or pressed together. This is especially true for embroidery being washed for the first time. Do not tumble dry unless the item has been thoroughly rinsed. Never wring out an embroidered item. The lower the washing temperature, the more important it is to thoroughly rinse the item. Iron embroidered items on the reverse side between two cloths. Use of a steam iron for pressing is preffered over damp cloth ironing.

WASHINF AT 950C / 203F (Boling):
Due to their superior quality and colour fastness, MADEIRA rayon embroidery threads can be washed at 95C with heavy duty detergents. (Use only those which contain no bleaching agents, peroxide, or opticial brightners as discolouration many result.)

If dye is released into the wash water, continue rinsing the embroidered item until the water runs clear. Remove stains only with solvents that do not contain bleaching or discolouring agents. Wash embroidered items immediatley after using any stain remover. Enviromental protection laws sometimes force changes in the dyes and dying processes. For these reasons and despite maximum efforts, there is a possibility of minimal colour differences. According to present German production standards, MADEIRA products are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances.

Excessive storage temperatures and sunlight must be avoided when embroidery threads are stroed.